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Kristen Kringle (DC TV Universe)

Homeworld: Gotham City (circa Fox's Gotham) circa mid 2015 (going on airdates since the show has never given much detail as to its time period). Modern city (with dashes of other time periods) in the midst of a mob war (among other things) during early season 2.

Canon point: during the GCPD shooting in "Knock,Knock" when Nygma slams her out of the path of bullets

Physical Description: Kristen (addressed by most of the GCPD as Miss Kringle) appears to be a young woman in her early to mid 20s with reddish hair and blue eyes. She is of average height (allowing for heels) and slim with a taste for retro fashions fitting the anachronism stew style time period of the show (especially partial to skirts and twin sets with simple and elegant jewelry) but always very ladylike in her dress. While during the workday she prefers ponytails she has been seen wearing her hair in loose waves and does wear eyeglasses due to being farsighted.

"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at [community profile] ten_fwd (and eventually other places); I am not Kristen Kringle (or Chelsea Spack), who is the property of DC Comics/Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made." (in other words just a Gotham fan) (Ten Forward contact post)


Character: Kristen Kringle
Fandom: Gotham
Canon Point at Date of Arrival: During the GCPD shooting in "Knock,Knock" when she was pushed out of the path of bullets by Nygma.
Can they be canon-punctured: No to Fox Gotham verse, yes to other versions of Batman
Disclaimer: Not [Kristen Kringle], not [Chelsea Spack]. I own neither and this profile/character concept is for The Warehouse RPG only. No profit is made from this journal. The Warehouse RPG is entirely fictional. This means that it is in no way real, nor do we the players believe it to be so.
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